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Christina Chong

Christina Chong

Ed.M., Higher Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education
BA, History, Amherst College

I have extensive experience in higher education admissions, having reviewed thousands of applications for law school, dental school, and professional programs in social work, nonprofit leadership, and policy. In addition, I was employed by the admissions office at Amherst College as an undergraduate student to provide information to prospective applicants and their parents.

My admissions experiences helped me fully understand what is needed to become a successful applicant and how to craft a strong application, and I have shared that knowledge with many applicants over the years. Working with others is my passion, and I have mentored and tutored a wide range of students from the elementary school through the graduate school level.

I graduated from Amherst College cum laude with departmental distinction in American history and earned a master’s from the Harvard Graduate School of Education in higher education administration. Prior to my career in admissions, I taught middle school and worked at a national law firm as a litigation paralegal. I am grateful to all who helped me along my higher education path, and I am excited for the opportunity to provide expert knowledge regarding college and graduate school admissions to help you achieve your dreams!